RiverTunes JAMboree 2021 - Info

WHAT;  A 2 & 1/2 day Music JAM campout at a “Beer Farm” just outside Dixon, CA. Ruhstaller is a farm that grows hops, brews, and pours a wide variety of beers…all on their 46-acre spread. Sheep, chickens, live music, dogs with their well behaved humans are all welcome! You heard right – responsible dog owners bring their dogs to the Hop Farm. Tent camp under the shade of the walnut orchard, or under the parachute village… or come in a vehicle camper. Large trailers and campers accompany a small additional fee (1st come /1st served with limited space), or spend your nights elsewhere. NO LARGE MOTORHOMES please, as we just don’t have the room. Thank you for your understanding.

WHERE; 6686 Sievers Rd. Dixon, CA 95620 (right off I-80 between Dixon & Davis). The Brewery will be open to the public during its regular hours. We have our designated areas for our Jammers only. 

HOW; Schedule – Morning sessions will be held for some instruction in the art of jam and playing well with others. There may be some sessions for different instruments, such as ukulele, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and/or percussion. For example, Fernando Echeona will offer community drumming, and Sheridan Malone will offer a fun QiGong movement session, vocal wake-ups, and a Morning Choir. Afternoons will include facilitated jams in different styles, plus songwriter circles and sing-alongs and throw-together workshops and sessions. Evenings will include concerts and, of course, more jamming by the fire pit or any of the many campsites spread out in the orchard or around the farm. Somewhat random, loose, and definitely fun is what we’re after.  Lunch and dinner time will include our Open Mics.

Food – Breakfast – you have a choice to opt-in on a wonderful All You Can Eat, Breakfast Buffet at EATWELL ORGANIC FARM – 2 miles down the road. Our friend Lorraine Walker will offer freshly laid eggs, homemade biscuits, fresh tomatoes, fruit, and yogurt – all grown and prepared on the premises. Coffee and or tea. No meat, but dairy and eggs. Enjoy your meal there or get it to go. $15.00 Venmo-ed in advance.  There will be delicious on-site home-style Mexican food by a family with great well-kept recipes. There will be no catered food, like at our regular RiverTunes Camp, so you will want to bring food from home. Perhaps we’ll have a potluck meal or two in our dining sanctuary.

There are flush toilets and drinking water, but no showers. We think 2 days without a shower is doable for most folks😉

Of course, if you’re a local, you may elect to go home each evening, or reserve a local Airbnb or motel, stay with local family/friends, etc,…There are three towns within 10 miles of the farm.

There are other details we’re working out for you.

WHO; YOU and your family & friends and our Jam Facilitators, including some of our RiverTunes Faculty Family; Sheridan Malone, Snap Jackson, Michael Gutin, Lisa Burns, Shane Kalbach, Joe Craven…PLUS musician educators Jessica Malone, Danny Roholt, Peter Wilson, Fernando Echeona, and more facilitators to come!!!

WHY; Because we love connecting people like YOU to music-making opportunities and meeting new like-minded music pals!

COST; $150. Donation with a sliding scale. You can pay a little more, it can help bring in some folks who are on a tighter budget. Thank You!  The requested donation insures a campsite and to help us cover expenses.. We have overhead, but not anywhere near the usual cost of RiverTunes.

NOTE; SPACE IS LIMITED. Do not wait to register as we may likely meet the quota provided to us.

Write to us, at rivertunescamp@gmail.com if you’ve any immediate questions.  Thank you and bless you and yours in good health.

RiverTunes 2022

Click here for a sneak peek of the kind of camp experience you can expect next summer! Fingers crossed! Get vaccinated!

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